Well my wish came true didn’t it? – the sun did come out, and it did stay for longer – for how much longer I wonder?  I’m not complaining as I love the sun – not great to be working in I know, but what would we prefer, the pouring rain?  My grass looks like straw so some night time rain would be most welcome.
Understandably, the mornings have been busy at the shop and then we get much quieter in the afternoon as the day gets hotter – off to the beach I guess or staying home to keep cool, and I can’t say that I blame you.
Two further boxes of Caprice boots arrived this week – they are really gorgeous.  A dark chestnut chelsea boot with inside zip and a very nice dark tan, totally vegan, ankle boot with a block heel.
As I mentioned last week, Lyn and I went to see the Mudd & Water collection on Thursday.  They have new colours of the very popular cotton/linen summertime smocks – a fabulous lime green, a bright orange and a sky blue to add to the range.  They have also introduced a really wonderful cotton/linen button through dress which I couldn’t resist in both navy and white – I slipped one on over my clothes just to get an idea, (see image) so do bear that in mind, and it needed steaming, but even so – I love it!  Oh yes and a cute sleeveless jumpsuit in little sailing boat print.
It sounds as though Monday and Tuesday will be unbearably hot, so please stay safe, drink plenty, use sun protection and keep cool!  I think I will attempt to update the window display first thing in the morning before the sun comes round the front.
Have a good week.  Look out for each other and be kind.
Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
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