Unfortunately, poor Lyn has been caught by the dreaded Covid, so we have been a man down this week.  She’s had a bit of a miserable week coughing, difficulty sleeping and general flu like symptoms.  However, by resting up she is already feeling better and building her strength back up.  We are all keeping our fingers crossed that she tests negative today or tomorrow because we are due to view the Adini collection for next summer tomorrow night!!!  I know she’ll be really disappointed if she couldn’t be there.
I mentioned last week that we were heading to Goodwood House for a tour and afternoon tea – it was scrummy!  Our appointment was at 2.30pm.  We hadn’t eaten because we thought we’d be eating first, so we were already hungry, but instead they recommended the tour first so that you could take your time to eat and enjoy the tea. (makes sense really).  So by the end of the tour, we were absolutely starving and managed to eat everything!
I swear that the lady who took us on the tour, was wearing Caprice ankle boots!  I had intended to ask her but the opportunity didn’t arise.
Annie and I picked up an extra day each this week, to cover Lyn’s days.  It was nice for me to experience working on a Saturday for a change, although Emsworth is a little quiet at the moment – I think everyone must be off on their holidays now that the schools have broken up for the summer holidays.
We’ve added a few items to our sale rail and I dressed the window with sale goods – however, the sizes are very limited but there are some good bargains.
Things are starting to arrive for the Autumn/Winter including some cute socks – I found a new brand called Doris & Dude who have some lovely patterns and are made from a mix of bamboo, organic cotton, recycled polyester and elastane, so we are endeavouring to do our best to stock environmentally sustainable items where possible.   I know it’s early but these always make the perfect little stocking fillers or gifts.  I have now added them to our website.  Here is a photo of the seagulls which I thought appropriate for Emsworth!
Have a good week.  Look out for each other and be kind.
Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.
Our website is available for online orders, click and collect and delivery.
DDS1375seagulls Doris & Dude Bamboo socks
DDS1375seagulls Doris & Dude Bamboo socks