Whilst it is devastating for all businesses, particularly us small independents, let’s not forget why we are locking down again and give a thought to those lives already lost to this hideous pandemic.  I don’t see what choice Boris had.  It is a shame that the small minority have spoiled the efforts of the majority. It is a matter of life or death for some.  The figures here in the South are comparatively low, however, we must stop further acceleration now and support our country by sticking together.   We are all in this together and must support the vulnerable and our NHS.

The wheels of industry need to keep turning to keep the economy moving, but it is going to be very difficult and I fear that once again, many small businesses may not survive.  So my personal plea to you all, is to support your local independents, shop local and before you place an order online, maybe consider if one of your local shops has a website or are offering local deliveries – we all need you.

November is usually a busy month in the lead up to Christmas, so this lock down has come at a bad time, particularly for non-essential businesses.  I will be at the shop next week Monday to Wednesday so if you’d like to stock up on Christmas gifts, or footwear and clothing that you’d like to try on before Thursday, then please do call in.  However, all is not lost!  We will still be here – I will continue to work hard on our social media platforms and intend to keep loading stock items onto our website.  I may even be persuaded to get on my dancing shoes again and model some of the clothing, for your entertainment!   I am contactable via this email address and our social media platforms which I monitor daily.   We will continue to mail items from our website, make free local deliveries or arrange a collection time from the shop at your convenience.  Payments can be taken over the telephone if not via the website.

We have topped up a few of our faux fur items: ponchos, scarves and gloves which are always popular at this time of year – here is an image of the silver/grey poncho.  I have this one and I wear it a lot – it is so soft and cosy, and, if you are struggling for ideas, makes a lovely gift – priced at £59!

Jayley faux fur cashmere blend poncho
Jayley faux fur cashmere blend poncho

In the back of my mind I had been anticipating another lock down and I placed a very small order of some soft lounge wear trousers/tops which I thought may be appealing as we find ourselves spending more time at home again.  That is quite exciting and I will load images as soon as I can.

So, following the Government Guidelines, we will be closing the shop from Thursday 5th November until Wednesday 2nd December – unless advised otherwise.  In the meantime, please look after yourselves, take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Remember, we are here if you need anything, providing the best possible service we know how.

Stay safe, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.