Here we are on Thursday 31st December 2020 and I hope you have all managed to enjoy your Christmas time as best you could, within the limitations, and above all, safely.

We have had a very quiet couple of days, over eating and drinking, sitting around too much, watching tv and generally relaxing.  We’ve almost managed to watch the complete series of The Crown!

On Christmas Day we walked round to visit my in-laws and stood on their driveway to say hello and swap gifts.  It is the first year that we haven’t spent Christmas day together in 28 years – that’s quite incredible when I think of it.

We took ourselves out for a stroll along the beach, as did many!  It was like summertime when people are on their holidays, strolling along, taking in the views – except we were all well wrapped up in hats and scarves as there was quite a chilly wind.  It was so refreshing after being indoors too long with the central heating on – I came home, sat down and promptly fell asleep!

Ha ha, I’d obviously over exerted myself!

You’ve probably gathered by now that I try to focus on being positive – I don’t dwell too much on the doom and gloom – that is no help to any of us. Facts are facts, and we have to accept our destiny and make the best of it.

Hampshire is now in Tier 4 together with much of the UK.  I do not believe we will be opening the shop again until at least the end of January, furthermore, I have read some articles suggesting we could find ourselves in the Tier system until Easter!  The hospital admission numbers must fall and the vaccine numbers rise to get this virus under control and until we do, we are facing a further unsettled beginning to 2021.

So – like Boris, it is with a heavy heart, that I have decided to launch into yet another, radical sale of 25% off everything.  As I said, accepting our destiny, and keeping positive is our only choice, and if I want Karen George to survive, I must make business decisions which keep us trading even if it means without profit, until this is over.  In such times, it is a buyer’s market, so it is a great opportunity for you to treat yourself to a genuine bargain!

Therefore, if you wish to make a purchase, Click and Collect is still an option – or delivery is free on purchases over £50.

As we say goodbye and good riddance to 2020, may I wish you all a very happy and HEALTHY New Year.

Stay safe, sending you lots of love and best wishes.