Well, as promised, I said I’d tell you all about our trip to the Goodwood Revival last Sunday. As anticipated, it was so good! It had everything and more – plus a little rain. Actually we were very lucky with the rain and only endured one downpour, but we had umbrellas and grandstand seats, so managed to keep dry.

We left home at 7am in order to arrive in time to watch the Spitfires – aren’t they incredible? The noise was terrific – Ian would love to experience a flight in one….. when we win the lottery maybe! Then we ventured into Earls Court Studios which was all set up with scenes from the film Grease and fantastic actors played different sketches from the film and there was a display of the cars from the film too. Ian was invited to take part as he was dress like Danny Zuko ha ha! (of course he declined!).

We walked a lot and covered the whole event, watched the racing, dancing, visited the exhibits and the Car Boot Sale. We ended the day “Over the Road” where there were more stalls and the funfair, but by then I just wanted to sit down, so we found a table and grabbed more food and drink. We sat and listened to a couple of bands and watched more dancing – it was beautiful in the evening sun.

As you can see from our picture George and I were mods and Ian went as a rocker (or Danny Zuko!) and you’ll understand why my feet ached after all that walking in those boots!

I met some really interesting customers this week. I love being at the shop and selling the gorgeous stock, helping customers to feel good, but the biggest enjoyment is meeting people and chatting. Many different walks of life, new visitors to Emsworth and many who have relocated in and around the area and have fallen in love with Emsworth and the friendly community. I find that the husbands/partners are just as happy to sit and natter whilst their wives are in the changing room!

It is really great fun and you learn so much! For instance, one lady was explaining that she was off to the Chelsea Flower Show and another customer overheard and said she had been there the day before, and she said, if you get the opportunity to be there early evening, you get to experience all the lights coming on and how the plants and trees are all lit up. She said it was absolutely fabulous.

September has been so warm but people are commenting on how the mornings and evenings feel cooler, and of course, darker. Ladies are now looking to switch their wardrobes into Autumn/Winter and have been in browsing to see what they need (I use the word need, loosely!).

Sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes. Look out for each other and be kind.

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