We’ve been back for two weeks already! My goodness how time flies.

Business has been nice and steady and it’s great to see so many of you back out shopping again, with confidence.

We continue to ensure that our shop is a safe environment for you to shop, but should you prefer a private appointment to shop 1:1 please get in touch and we will be happy to arrange this.

One small change to note – we are now closing an hour earlier, so opening hours are now 10am – 4pm. We have noticed that the town goes quiet late afternoon and other establishments are also closing at 4pm. We will monitor this as we move further into the summer season and school holidays, and may well revert to 5pm closing in the future.

The weather makes such a difference doesn’t it? I have enjoyed morning walks around the pond again – arriving back to the shop a little windswept, but so worth it!

Thankfully the good weather continued into the weekend.

We have a gas BBQ, we love it, but my husband says that it doesn’t have that authentic charcoal smoke flavour, and during a conversation with one of my lovely local customers, this week, it transpired that she was disposing of a charcoal BBQ and offered it to me! How wonderful – so yesterday we had our first BBQ of the year and it was just perfect. A little windy but the charcoal bags that you set alight are brilliant. We thoroughly enjoyed our burgers, sausages and chicken tikka kebabs. (sorry to any vegetarians/vegans)

Finally, I think we’ve beaten the leak! No problems this week so I think that is the last of it. So until next week – enjoy the sunshine.

As always, sending you lots of love, good health and best wishes.

Look out for each other and be kind.

Our website is still available for online orders, click and collect and delivery.